What is the BBM 30 DAY SLIMDOWN?

A fair question. After all, there's a lot of online fitness programs out there.  But how many of those do you actually find relatable?  How many of those fitness people go through the same struggles, pains, and OMG moments that you experience trying to accomplish your goals?

The 30 DAY SLIMDOWN is the newest addition to the Bikini Body Mommy™ home workout library.

This comprehensive workout, mindset, and nutrition program will be filmed LIVE and in real-time over 30 DAYS offering participants the unique ability to participate in the program's creation beginning Sunday, April 11th, 2021.

The program is named the 30 DAY "SLIMDOWN" in reference to far more than the size of your body! What if you applied "SLIMDOWN" to all of the areas that you tend to complicate and overwhelm yourself in trying to achieve your health & wellness goals. 




This program is designed to destigmatize your association with the word "SLIMDOWN," and help you transform the way you see and feel about your body, in 30 DAYS.

Why should you try this program?

  • Briana Sweats Along With You

    Briana overcomes body image issues, frustrations with the scale, battles late night cravings, has kids and pets running around during her workouts, and navigates other real life distractions. She shows up everyday to encourage you to do it with her too! Every day • 20 minutes a day • for 30 Days ... challenging herself, IN REAL TIME right along WITH YOU!

  • Multiple Options

    Other workout programs and products can cost you a lot of money, but the BIKINI BODY MOMMY | 30 DAY SLIMDOWN offers you multiple options to accomplish your goals based off your needs!

  • The BIKINI BODY MOMMY 30 DAY SLIMDOWN is so much more than just a workout program with Briana.

    The 30 DAY SLIMDOWN is a body-positive fitness and nutrition program that is designed to SLIM DOWN all aspects of knowing what to eat and how to move your body in a way that will help keep you accountable, build your self-confidence, and encourage you to accomplish your goals!

My 30 Day SLIMDOWN. Your Way.

In case you weren't excited enough about getting your hands on this BRAND NEW 30 Day SLIMDOWN Program, I'm about to blow your mind!

Unlike other workout programs and products that are pre-filmed upwards of a year IN ADVANCE and then cost you a lot of money, this program will be filmed LIVE ... in REAL-TIME .... and is mean't to be interactive!  

We know everyone is starting their fitness journey from different places. Whether you’re just looking to get started with the 30 DAY SLIMDOWN that you can do by yourself online, or whether you are looking for additional LIVE WORKOUTS and the daily support and motivation of coaching directly with Briana in a Private Inner Circle Accountability Group with LIVE Q&A sessions, Meal Prep Sundays, giveaways, and MORE ... the 30 DAY SLIMDOWN is for you!


Enjoy everything the 30 DAY SLIMDOWN program has to offer but participate in the LIVE creation of the program!

If you are looking for a private and interactive 30 Day Slimdown™ experience including 3 EXTRA LIVE WORKOUTS per week, daily accountability in the private Inner Circle, as well as LIVE weekly coaching with Briana, the LIVE 30 DAY SLIMDOWN™ is for you!


•. A Private Inner Circle
•. Accountability Group
•. 3 additional LIVE Workouts per week (6 Workouts per week total)
•. Private LIVE Weekly Coaching & Inner Circle Events With Briana
Participate Live with Briana

$229* That's only $7.63 per day!
(*Normally $249)
*Includes LIFETIME ACCESS to all LIVE event workouts and recordings, Private Inner Circle Accountability Group, as well as the complete 30 Day SlimDown™ program.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the 30 Day Slimdown!

  • 2

    Step 1: Read Playbook

    • Playbook

  • 3

    Step 2: Read The Nutrition Guide & Tracker

    • START HERE: The Nutrition Overview Guide

    • Weekly Nutrition Tracker

  • 4

    Step 3: Print the 30 Day Calendar

    • 30 Day Calendar

  • 5

    Step 4: Print Progress Tracker

    • Progress Tracker

  • 6

    The Meal Plans

    • Week 1: Meal Plan Options

    • Week 2: Meal Plan Options

    • Week 3: Meal Plan Options

    • Week 4: Meal Plan Options

    • Week 5: Meal Plan Options

  • 7

    Meal Prep Videos

    • Week 1: Meal Prep

    • Week 2: Meal Prep

    • Week 3: Meal Prep

    • Week 4: Meal Prep

    • Week 5: Meal Prep

  • 8

    The Workouts

    • Workout Trackers

    • Week 1: Upper Body Workout

    • Week 1: Lower Body Workout

    • Week 1: Cardio Workout

    • Week 2: Upper Body Workout

    • Week 2: Lower Body Workout

    • Week 2: Cardio Workout

    • Week 3: Upper Body Workout

    • Week 3: Lower Body Workout

    • Week 3: Cardio Workout

    • Week 4: Upper Body Workout

    • Week 4: Lower Body Workout

    • Week 4: Cardio Workout

    • Week 5: Upper Body + Cardio Superset

    • Week 5: Lower Body + Cardio Superset

  • 9

    Mindset Mastery Videos

    • Weekly Mindset Tracker

    • Week 1: Mindset Mastery

    • Week 2: Mindset Mastery

    • Week 3: Mindset Mastery

    • Week 4: Mindset Mastery

    • Week 5: Mindset Mastery

  • 10


    • FAQ: Random Q&A Check-in