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6 Weeks Flew By
I am so happy that I signed up for extreme. I really needed this to get myself into a good routine of workout regularly and eating healthy. The workouts are great and the meal plan has some yummy recipes on it that I now use all the time. I was actually really sad when it was over but can't wait for the next challenge. Briana and her staff put a lot of work into these challenges and it shows!

Amazing program with Amazing Results
I started this program thinking I could never go low carb cause I love bread and pasta so much.  This program proved me wrong. I was able to not only go low carb for 6 weeks, but love the food, love how I felt and stay low carb.  Between the support videos, workouts and the inner circle it is such a progressive and supportive program. To see the struggles of Brianna and others while struggling and then sharing the amazing successes it is the best program I have ever done.  This program is not only, food and workouts, it is completely encompassing to change your life and how you see yourself.I had amazing results of losing over 20 lbs and over 25 inches in just the 6 weeks.  It is not easy, but the work gets results and makes it worth the time and effort.      

Seriously... I didn't think I was going to be able to stick to the program the entire 42 days and here I am! Completed and satisfied to NO END. It was definitely not a walk in the park but it was sooo worth every craving that I pushed off! The meals were awesome and diversified. The workouts were mind boggeling and butt kicking. The results were so much more than I ever even dreamed of. So grateful I took the leap of faith and completed this program with 100%. Even on the days I didn't want to show up. The accountability group was the BEST!

Introducing my NEWEST WORKOUT program – BBM Extreme!

BBM EXTREME is unlike anything I've EVER DONE before! With this EXTREME 6 WEEK Nutrition and Workout program you will receive:

• 3 Powerful and explosive HIIT workouts per week

• 6 MINDSET MASTERY Coaching Episodes

• 6 "Meal Prep" Sundays

• 6 WEEKLY EDITIONS of the new EXTREME meal plan

• NEW EXTREME digital workbook & PROGRESS TRACKER!

• and PRIVATE access to the BBM "EXTREME" Accountability group!

Want to know the BEST PART of participating LIVE in the creation of this program? You get LIFETIME ACCESS to both the 6-Week program ... as well as LIFETIME ACCESS to the BBM "EXTREME" Accountability Group when the LIVE Programs ends!

Briana Christine
Briana Christine

About the instructor

As a mom of four, Briana Christine is nothing short of inspiring to other mothers around the world who are struggling with their post baby bodies. Losing a tremendous 100 lbs. in less than a year, she is one of the most famous post-baby body gurus on the net. Her incredible transformation success grew her to maternal fame, and she now runs an entire body-positive fitness empire called BIKINI BODY MOMMY™ which is dedicated to helping other moms get their pre-baby bodies back. With a fool proof workout plan, endless recipe ideas and a relatable at home lifestyle, her fool-proof plan promises amazing RESULTS.