BBM Challenge 2.0

With Briana Christine
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Continuing with the momentum built over the course of previous 90 day challenge 1.0, Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 2.0 is by far one of the most motivating of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenges to follow for those who's goal is physical transformation!

✔ Features: 3 Strength-based workouts per week + 3 Cardio Workouts per week

✔ Workouts ALL UNDER 20 minutes in length

Equipment Needed:

Exercise Mat

Briana Christine
Briana Christine

About the instructor

As a mom of four (currently pregnant with baby number 5), Briana Christine is nothing short of inspiring to other mothers around the world who are struggling with their post baby bodies. Losing a tremendous 100 lbs. in less than a year and having been every shape and size between a double-zero and a size twenty-two, she is one of the most famous post-baby body gurus on the internet. Her incredible transformation success grew her to maternal fame, and she now runs an entire body-positive fitness empire called BIKINI BODY MOMMY™ which is dedicated to helping other moms love their own bodies, regardless of shape or size!  With fool proof at-home workout programs, endless meal plans, recipe ideas, and relatable body-image and  lifestyle advice, her fool-proof programs promise amazing RESULTS.