Blast Fat Fast! | taught by Briana Christine
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Hard work pays off people!

This mama of three has been wanting to loose the weight but I was not willing to jeopardize my milk supply for my 9 month old baby. I was so excited to have found a workout/nutrition plan that was compatible with breastfeeding! I lost 3.6 pounds ...


Hard! But AMAZING!!

I was so frustrated after diligently doing 8.0 everyday and not losing any lbs. Or inches....but the surge is just what I needed to kick my body into gear. I'm so proud of myself for sticking with it and following 100%. When you follow exactly... ...



Absolutely love Briana and the intensity the 7day surge has to offer!


This mama of three has been wanting to loose the weight but I was not willing to jeopardize my milk supply for my 9 month old baby. I was so excited to have found a workout/nutrition plan that was compatible with breastfeeding! I lost 3.6 pounds ...


I was so frustrated after diligently doing 8.0 everyday and not losing any lbs. Or inches....but the surge is just what I needed to kick my body into gear. I'm so proud of myself for sticking with it and following 100%. When you follow exactly... ...


Absolutely love Briana and the intensity the 7day surge has to offer!


I absolutely loved the surge and I really stuck to the program and the meal plan. I lost 1" all over except 2" in my calf and chest. I also lost 7 pounds. I am looking forward to doing the surge again. I am going to do the 90 day 2019 challeng...


I bought this program when it became available but I didn't follow it as directed. I had coconut milk in my coffee daily and I would stretch my limits. This time, I followed it perfectly with the exception of using butter instead of Ghee for...


This program is the perfect push into exercising and feeling the accomplishment! In 7 days I saw great results in problem areas that hadn't changed in a long time. Its great if your transitioning into wanting to incorporate daily workouts into you...


This program is absolutely amazing to get yourself going and see actual results! Work hard and follow meal plan and the rest does it for you! Thank you B for being that rest and helping make us feel our best!


This program is great just like All the others. This one is only a week long that you can add to your additional workout program to help Bust through a plateau. You may think it's only 7 days, easy for sure. But Briana really pushes us this we...


The 7 Day Surge was my first BBM course and I loved it! If you need a jumpstart to fitness and eating well or want to trim down for a special occasion, this is the plan to do. Workouts are challenging but still only 20 minutes and the meal plans...


I lost 7 lbs by following the 7 Day Surge & Meal plan. After the 7 days were over, I still crave my favorite recipes from the meal plan. They are delicious and filling. The workouts are tough, but worth all of the sweat & sore muscles! I l...


I've completed 2 surges during the bbm 7.0 . The first to break through the plateau i was on. I am so glad i puchased the surge. During the 1st surge i lost 5.7 lbs and 6.7". During the second surge i lost 5.5 lbs and 2.4". Nutrition is ever...


I've used this program several times since the release. The first time, I followed the meal plan and several lost pounds and several inches despite my hypothyroid disease! I've also used the program without the diet component and I've shred severa...



The food took a bit to get the hang of but once you did it was all quite yummy. The workouts definitely tested you and your will to keep going, but Briana is the greatest motivator you could ask for. The 7 Day Surge is so worth it and I can't wait...


The best purchase i've made in a long time. The meal plan was well laid out, and the exercise was challenging but fun. I feel great! Will definitely Surge again!


I am 5' 8" tall and went from 162.2 lbs. to 159.5 lb. I lost 2.7 lbs and 6" doing the 7 day Surge! The most difficult aspect is the meal plan. I only got a slight case of "Keto Flu" but most of the week I felt hungry throughout the day, even th...


Love this program, gives me the extra boost when I need it and Briana makes the workouts fun even when you feel like your dying lol. Love love love this course!



This program is amazing!


In my workout journey I have had periods where I needed something more, 7 Day Surge is just that...it's little boost, a little extra, it's a...SURGE! The workouts are challenging, and I like that you can add whatever type of extra cardio you like....



If your ready to jump through a plateau this is the challenge for you. Buckle down and lace up, your in for a fantastic week! I lost 5.4 lbs and 7"total. Amazing! Be prepared to commit to nutrition and workouts it's a tough week but so worth it!


I absolutely love the 7 Day Surge. This program allows me to get rid of a few unwanted pounds to get even further in my weight loss. I love the recipes. If there was one thing I could change about the nutrition part of this program it would be the...


If you get a chance to do this live with Briana, you should jump at the opportunity. The supportive, encouraging environment was wonderful! There were multiple people ready to help and give advice and encouragement when you had a question or were ...




This course shows results! It show not just physical but emotional also. I learned I do have will power to refrain from eating some foods. There is great support not just from Briana but her support staff and other Bbm mommies out there. I highly ...


This program was exactly what I needed to kick start my weight loss journey. The meal plan and grocery list is a great guide and a variety of meal options to keep things interesting over the week. I really like the workouts and am glad that I fe...


Seriously, this is the best to jump start your workouts! My body aches, but in a good way. It's the 1st program I have bought and with good reason. I know what Briana has done for me and she's so real!


I'm on my second round of BBM 7 DAY SURGE. The first time I lost 8".....and that doesn't include the 1"/bicep I gained!!! This has been the best workout I've done in a long time that gets you results.


I have NEVER stuck with a nutrition program before! I always made excuses as to why I couldn't give up this or that...it was sad. Never had a problem with working out and these workouts are awesome! I lost 8 pounds my first round, 1 pound my 2nd...


I would absolutely recommend this to anyone i know who is struggling to lose weight or to even get started on their journey. Briana is such a powerful positive force that you can't help but think like her. High recommend any of the BBM programs.


I didn't think it was all the hype it claimed and he people where just rare people and the only few who lost good numbers. WELL I was WRONG it was amazing and I lost 6.5lbs and 8.5inches but better then that I feel great!


Love it, hard work and a good sweat, but it was exactly what I needed. Can't wait for the next one.


If your looking for something to up your game this is IT! Over 7 days I lost 4lbs and about 5-6 inches. The most dramatic results for me was my stomach, it flattened out so much. I could not believe that in a short time through nutrition changes a...


The Surge is just what I needed to kick start a new lifestyle! The meal plan and workouts are amazing and the inner circle keeps you accountable and gives you the support you need and push you need to get through that detox from the devil!!! My ...


Follow the meal plan and work outs and you will see results!


Surge allowed me to not feel deprived, the team was supportive! While I may have been lacking in sugar intake, I never lacked in sweetness intake from the group - and this comes from the top down! Briana, your down to earth approach - and real, ho...



This is a great format! 7 days of eating healthy meals, working out and having the support of other people doing the same thing! And the accountability of posting everyday!


I loved this surge! It really got me back into workout mode. The results were fantastic and the best part is I want to keep working out and watching what I eat because I see what a difference only a week makes! I'm so happy I decided to try this. ...


Love Love Love Surge. I was a skeptic because it was a 7 day only. Assuming I would gain back anything loss by day 10 but that isn't the case. I have completed 4 surges and had made forward progress each time. A great jump start to daily exercise.


This program really does work! Its not a gimmick I promise you! I have lost a total of 8.8lbs and 11.5in after 2 rounds! I am loving this!


This was my first Surge workout, I lost 4.6 pounds and got physically and mentally stronger. The first four days of fatigue, brain fog and muscle pain were H.A.R.D. but the accountability group makes all the difference. Having people tell you they...


If you're looking to change things up a bit, or for something that will jump start you and motivate you as you launch into a healthier lifestyle - you are going to LOVE the Surge! Between the detailed meal plan & the workouts, you are getting ...


This program is just AMAZING! It takes determination and hard work, but I learned so much about my body and my intolerances! The workouts are just amazing and the food is so yummy and filling! Lots of yummy, whole foods. This is not a starve yours...


This workout really kicked my booty. I have enjoyed working out with Briana for two years now and this is the first purchase I made. I am glad I did! She kept me motivated and the private group I was a part of, was really inspiring and positive. I...


This course is exactly what I needed to get my fitness goals back in check. The workouts are great and the meal plan was super easy to follow. Nice to see results after such a short period of time!


I love the surge! The work outs are under 20 minutes but man are they effective! And the meal plan is great, especially now that she came out with a 2nd meal plan with so many great options! I can't wait to get going with the new plan and do my 2n...


It really brings on the results. I am only 5 lbs away from goal weight and this program made a difference in getting my nutrition a kick in the butt. and I came out in the end far stronger! I love these workouts and the food is wonderful.



I loved the last 7 day surge and look forward to the next. Brianna, you are so encouraging and inspiring. I also love being part of the larger community of women working towards our goals. Love this group!


This is a great work-out to do when you need to shake things up! I love that there are different exercises each day, so that you don't get bored. Combined with the diet, this is an easy way to get back on track with your health and even lose some ...


This course was worth it, and I'm so happy I took the chance on it. The meal plan was easy to follow (and honestly, life changing for me), the workouts were intense, and I was able to fit the workouts in to my schedule. I'm a mama of three, plus a...


I really liked the 7 day surge. It was challenging physically and emotionally. I liked the meal plan it was nice to be able to pick and choose from the plan what I was going to eat over the 7 days. While I haven't seen any change in my weight I do...


This program takes a commitment to want results but if you stick with the workouts, get your cardio completed, and follow the meal plan laid out by BBM, you will see results! What is great is there is no guessing game. You can see what you can a...


This last week has been amazing for me. I lost 9.4 lbs and 8 1/4", with 3 of those inches from my waist!!! I haven't been able to break the 180lb barrier for a long time and I finally did it this time. I feel amazing and am headed into the extreme...


I really enjoy doing workouts with Brianna. Having the inner circle was unbelievibly helpful. Being live with all the girls made the program more real. The meal plan was good - 7 days go by sooner than you think, by the end you wont be ready for i...


I absolutely loved this last week! I felt so in control, so much energy and just over all great! Thank you so much, can't wait to finish the extreme and see what results I get!


I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of this program at first, I mean how can 7 days drastically transform your body? Well, I can say IT DOES!! After pushing myself for the entire 7 days with both the workouts and nutrition I successfully lost ...


This was just what I needed to get out of this plateau


I didn't think I would be able to make it through the week with full discipline on the food, BUT I DID! Even though I allowed myself to distracted from everything to check in on Facebook, I LOVED the live support group of women with like minded go...


I have been trying to start losing the baby weight for a while now and I just couldn't seem to get my butt in gear. My baby just turned 1 and I knew I had to do something. I thought I'll try this 7 day surge and see what happens maybe it will h...


I just finished day 8 of the surge and wanted to share my results! Following the meal plan was hard for the first four days, but then my body adjusted and I felt amazing! I lost 5.4 pounds and 4.5 inches; a half inch in my waist and an inch and ...


I just finished day 8 of the surge and wanted to share my results! Following the meal plan was hard for the first four days, but then my body adjusted and I felt amazing! I lost 5.4 pounds and 4.5 inches; a half inch in my waist and an inch and ...


This was awesome! It gave me just a little push so that I can get closer to my goals! Thank you!


This 7 day surge has been amazing! Thank you so much Briana for providing this for us. I was so surprised that I stuck to it for 7 days. I mean come on 7 days!! Anyone can do anything for 7 days! I have tried other programs that were 30 days even ...


Surge is awesome!!!! You have made it so easy to follow, and if determined to stick with the plan, you will see results. I lost 8.5 pounds and almost 3 inches in just 7 days! 5 star review for sure!


I absolutely loved the Surge! After completing the 90 day challenge and not losing any weight, I knew I needed something more intense to kick-start my metabolism. This was difficult to start, but I figured it was only 7 days so I stuck with it a...


Loved the surge. It was a nice change from the challenges and it also gave a little more intense workout as well. Definitely going to repeat again and when I feel a little fluffy!


This course is worth every penny!!! I didn't lose any weight through TWO 90 day challenges, where I didn't miss a single day... And in a mere 7 days, I'm down *5.8* lbs and 2.75"! • The new dashboard is great and easy to work with! • The meal p...


Lost 7 pounds and 6.5 inches following the 7 day surge. Was definitely worth the money and all the soreness.


I went into this hoping to lose a little bit, knowing my body it does not lose weight very easily it likes it cushion of fat. LOL. So after following Briana's 90 day challenge I decided to just go for it even though I knew it was a up hill battle ...


I quit 6.0 halfway through when we went away on vacation and couldn't get back into the groove. I have been following BBM for 3 years now and its the only program and principles I know that work for me. I have always wanted to do a LIVE but it jus...


I definitely thought this might be too tame for where I had come in my at-home fitness journey, but I wanted to give it a go. I struggled on the 3rd day with food, I felt sick and wasn't coping well. After that my body kicked into high gear, I fel...


I did the 7 Day Surge to help me along in my fitness journey. I had been eating good and exercising but my weight loss was slowing down. This program was intense and challenging but completely do-able! I enjoyed the workouts and the meal plan! Eve...


LOVE Everything about this program!!!


Wow! What a week!! Nutrition, activity, mindset on point! Down 6.4lbs and 8" in just seven days...and I feel amazing!! Definitely going to make the 7 Day Surge a more regular part of my program - likely every 6 to 8 weeks!! Thanks Briana and the w...


Love this program so much! It is a very strict diet and exercise routine but well worth it. I lost 4lbs and 8 1/2" in the week that I participated in the 7 day surge! I had a ton of energy and felt fantastic. Can't wait to do it again.


I lost 2 lbs and 16.5 inches in 7 DAYS!! This program was exactly what I needed. I loved that the meals were already outlined for you and that I didn't have to think or plan. The food was delicious! The exercises were intense, but so easy to foll...


I am beyond thrilled with my results. In the 7 days I lost 6.3 lbs and can honestly say I've never felt better. I did not have a ton of weight to loose and am now officially at a lower weight than I ever remember being in my adult life. Would 100%...


In 7 days I lost 4 lbs and 6 inches!! I had hit a plateau while finishing the 90 day 6.0 challenge and the 7 Day Surge brought the intensity and meal planning that were needed to break thru what was stalling my progress. The program lays out every...


Such great results after being stuck at the same weight and measurements! I lots 3 pounds and 4.5" in a the 7 Day Surge!


I have struggled for a year to get my weight or measurements to budge. After 7 days of following this program, my energy is up, my cravings gone, and best of all, I lost 6.6 pounds and 12 inches! 7 days y'all. Seriously. I will continue to repeat ...


I love love love the 7 day surge! I finished the 6.0 challenge with the the lowest weight loss out of all the BBM challenges. I'm older, 10 months postpartum, and had my gallbladder removed less than 8 months ago, which played a factor. However, I...


I would say this was by far one of my favorite BBM courses. I have completed 5.0, both of the 4WSD, 6.0 and now the 7 Day surge. I have lost 6.8 pounds and 6.5 inches, just with Surge alone. Because if Briana and her Awesome team I have lost a...


7 days. Doesn't seem like a long time but Briana was able to pull together a satisfying nutrition plan and intense workouts that truly bring the results. 7 days staying on point and I have not only lost 4lbs and 6.5inches but have an energy that I...


When you need to lose a few pounds, or even more importantly, a few inches, do the Surge! This is not easy, but it's not complicated. It was easy to follow, and the best thing was I wasn't hungry.


This is by far one of the most intense challenges I've ever done! It was also the most successful I've ever been. Down 3 lbs and 16.75 inches, I feel AMAZING! Worth every.single.penny. The Inner Circle support is so valuable too. Can't wait t...


I just finished Bikini Body Mommy 6.0 with incredible results however had hit two plateaus during the challenge that slowed my progress. I did the 7 Day Surge two days after finishing 6.0 and lost an extra 6.8 pounds and 5.5 inches! Thats right in...


I am feeling great! I feel strong and I have more energy!


The Surge was absolutely amazing! It required me to REALLY focus on my nutrition and workouts in a highly disciplined yet supportive way. It also allowed me to bust through a plateau weight that I had been stuck at for 4 weeks!


This program is a total game changer! If you're looking for a quick program to blast through your plateau, or if you just need to drop a couple of pounds to fit into that little black dress for a special event, then you're in the right place. The ...


The Surge was INTENSE! It kicked my body into high gear and made me bikini confident for my cruise!

The 7 Day Surge

The BIKINI BODY MOMMY™ 7 DAY SURGE is an online workout and nutrition program, designed to provide the quick-fix solution to help blast through plateaus and get you AMAZING RESULTS in just 7 DAYS!

Without having to spend countless hours in the gym, the 7 DAY SURGE is a 20-minute home-based progam that was designed as an EXTREME 7 DAY SOLUTION to help blast through plateaus, and achieve dramatic results in situations where you need to look and feel your best-- in little to no time.

Do you have an upcoming special event, social function, or family vacation that has you wanting to hide under a rock instead of proudly and confidently engaging in LIFE and owning the skin you are in? Perhaps you've been working out consistently for weeks (or even months) and lately you've been "STUCK" with little to NO RESULTS (a.k.a the dreaded "plateau")?!

Regardless of the reason's why you are considering the 7 DAY SURGE I want you to know that I am thrilled that you are here, and if you are ready to give the next 7 DAYS your all I want you to know -- THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!

The program includes:

• INTRO VIDEO -- Learn the basics of the program and what to expect.

• MEAL PLAN INTRO VIDEO -- Learn the in's and outs of the SURGE meal plan, and how-to "BATCH COOK" like a boss.

• 7 NEW and INTENSE WORKOUT VIDEOS -- Follow a NEW Workout every day! Each one is strategically designed to maximize results in minimum time. (Program includes 3 Strength-based workouts • 3 Cardio-based workouts • 1 Recovery workout)

• 7 DAY Comprehensive Meal Plan guide and Shopping list PDF

• Overview Program Guide PDF

• Workbook and Progress Tracker PDF


Swap-A-Meal Guide -- easily swap out SURGE compliant recipes to your liking) PDF

Motivational Daily Vlogs from BBM's on the Surge --bonus inspiration to keep you on track! VIDEO

Briana Christine
Briana Christine

About the instructor

As a mom of SIX, Briana Christine is nothing short of inspiring to other mothers around the world who are struggling with their post baby bodies. Losing a tremendous 100 lbs. in less than a year and having been every shape and size between a double-zero and a size twenty-two, she is one of the most famous post-baby body gurus on the internet. Her incredible transformation success grew her to maternal fame, and she now runs an entire body-positive fitness empire called BIKINI BODY MOMMY™ which is dedicated to helping other moms love their own bodies, regardless of shape or size!  With fool proof at-home workout programs, endless meal plans, recipe ideas, and relatable body-image and  lifestyle advice, her fool-proof programs promise amazing RESULTS.